Madden NFL 24 Lists Terry as Top 10 Wide Receiver

July 19, 2023

Athlete Studio

You don’t need to convince Washington fans that Terry McLaurin is one of the NFL’s 10 best wide receivers. However, others need convincing, as McLaurin is often left out of some people’s lists as one of the NFL’s 10 best wideouts.

Now we have even more confirmation on McLaurin’s status as one of the NFL’s top wide receivers. The iconic EA Sports video game “Madden NFL 24” ratings were released Monday, and McLaurin received a 92.

Per the rankings, McLaurin is the NFL’s No. 8 wide receiver — ahead of Philadelphia’s A.J. Brown. That will surely upset some Eagles fans.

As we’ve often said, rankings are subjective, and these are no different. Both McLaurin and Brown are phenomenal. And both are top-10 NFL wide receivers. It’s just good to see McLaurin finally receiving the respect he deserves on a national level.

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