Washington Commanders Confident in Terry McLaurin

August 29, 2022

Lawrence Hung

The Washington Commanders are looking forward to what star wide receiver Terry McLaurin can provide this season. Washington Commanders Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner recently told Fox Sports “I would think Terry is a top-100 player in this league, I’d have him ranked there.” 

Since joining the NFL, McLaurin has topped the 1000-yard mark two seasons in a row. He’s shown and proved that he could be a top wide receiver in the league, even with his team’s quarterback position consistently in flux during his time in Washington. 

McLaurin has played with 8 different quarterbacks and 3 different head coaches in his past 3 seasons in the league. Even in this situation, Terry McLaurin has still managed to put up big numbers as the Washington Commanders’ #1 option on offense. In the 2021-2022 NFL season, he recorded 1053 yards in 77 catches, and had 5 receiving touchdowns. 

With the Commanders’ recent acquisition of Quarterback Carson Wentz from the Indianapolis Colts, the Washington Commanders are confident in McLaurin’s ability to produce, especially with an established QB like Wentz on the roster. In Carson Wentz’s last season with the Colts, he threw for 27 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, and just barely missed the playoffs. The Commanders are betting on Wentz and McLaurin to establish a connection that’ll open up the passing game in the 2022-2023 season. 

Washington’s confidence in Terry McLaurin’s ability can also be seen in their decision to sign him to a three year $69 million dollar extension this past offseason. With the front office, coaching staff, and a steady QB behind him, it’s not hard to imagine Scary Terry having another great season.