The Story Behind Terry McLaurin's Merch, and What it Means to Him

July 24, 2023

Athlete Studio

Terry McLaurin, the talented professional football player, has found a remarkable way to showcase his true persona, thanks to his partnership with Athlete Studio. Through his captivating collection titled "Us Never Them," McLaurin offers fans an exclusive glimpse into his life, proving that he is more than just an athlete.

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The inspiration behind McLaurin's collection originated from his close-knit group of friends, who live by a powerful motto: "Us Never Them." In his own words, this motto symbolizes unity among them, disregarding any doubts from others. It emphasizes the unbreakable bond they share and the unwavering support they offer each other, focusing solely on their collective efforts rather than external opposition. Athlete Studio played a crucial role in bringing this meaningful concept to life, sharing it with fans along with the touching story behind it.

But that's not all. In addition to the "Us Never Them" collection, McLaurin has also launched a design called "Terry's Tackle Shop," showcasing his passion for fishing. This unique initiative allows him to forge a deeper connection with his fanbase beyond his performance on the football field. By sharing his hobbies and interests outside of football, McLaurin provides his audience with more profound insights into his true self.

The opportunity to express himself through merchandise has significantly increased fan engagement for Terry McLaurin. Through this medium, he can interact with his supporters in a way that goes beyond the usual athlete-fan relationship. As the season approaches, fans can eagerly anticipate the creation of more captivating designs, offering further glimpses into Terry McLaurin's fascinating world.

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