Terry McLaurin: Washington's Reliable Leader

October 24, 2023

Athlete Studio

The Washington Commanders have encountered a challenging recent stretch in their season, following a promising 2-0 start.

Fortunately, they can rely on the leadership of receiver Terry McLaurin to steer the team back on course. The young offense, seeking consistency, is counting on McLaurin to guide them after their recent 14-7 defeat against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium.

Commanders quarterback Sam Howell acknowledges McLaurin's significance and recognizes the need to lean on him more during difficult times. "Having Terry is awesome," Howell expressed after the game on Sunday. "I’ve got to do a better job of relying on him when times are tough and just giving him an opportunity."

In Sunday's game, McLaurin showcased his skills with an impressive performance, leading the team in targets (nine), catches (six), and receiving yards (90). If Howell truly intends to increase his reliance on McLaurin, it's exciting to imagine the remarkable numbers the receiver could achieve in the upcoming weeks.

McLaurin's performance on Sunday could have been even more remarkable if not for the persistent efforts of the Giants defense, which has defied expectations this season.

Howell explained, "They were coming down and pressing a lot. We probably saw the most press today than we’ve seen all year, and Terry does a great job of beating press coverage and obviously getting down the field vertically. So every time I saw that opportunity, I was trying to give him a chance, and he did a great job."

So far this season, McLaurin has accumulated 37 catches for 432 yards and a touchdown. While these numbers may not match the spectacular performances of players like Tyreek Hill or Stefon Diggs, they are the consistent production that the Commanders need to regain their winning momentum.

Next Sunday at 1 p.m., Washington will host the Philadelphia Eagles. It is crucial for McLaurin to maintain his exceptional performance to help his team secure a victory.

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