Terry McLaurin Says New OC Bringing Intensity

June 27, 2023

Athlete Studio

The Washington Commanders have a new assistant head coach and offensive coordinator in Eric Bieniemy, and his presence has already been felt on the practice field.

Bieniemy, who won two Super Bowl rings as offensive coordinator of the Chiefs, has been demanding during practice and doesn't tolerate mental mistakes. However, most players seem to appreciate his intensity and desire to bring out the best in them.

"He's going to bring the intensity," said Washington receiver Terry McLaurin in an interview with ESPN. "We know what is expected of us every time we're on the field."

Washington right guard Sam Cosmi also spoke highly of Bieniemy, saying, "He's just trying to push you. He's been part of Super Bowl teams and you don't get that way without working your butt off and keeping people accountable."

Bieniemy has emphasized the importance of a sense of urgency and purpose on the practice field, stressing the need for quick huddles and attention to detail in execution.

When Washington coach Ron Rivera hired Bieniemy as assistant head coach, he gave him significant authority over the team's practices and operations. Bieniemy is already making his presence felt and pushing the team to Super Bowl standards.

With Bieniemy's leadership and the drive of players like McLaurin, the Washington Commanders are poised for a successful season.

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