Terry McLaurin Reflects on Return to Indianapolis

October 27, 2022

Athlete Studio

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This week's matchup against the Colts has special meaning to Washington Commanders star receiver Terry McLaurin.

It's where his love for football first started.

"It's kinda cool to be able to go back to where I grew up...where my affinity for football started," McLaurin said.

Many of Terry's fondest football memories were fostered in Indianapolis. He was a huge part of four consecutive state championships at Cathedral High School, and won two Big Ten Championships with Ohio State. Both Big Ten Championship games were played at Lucas Oil Stadium, the same stadium that houses the Indianapolis Colts. The same team that Terry McLaurin's dad had season tickets to while Terry was growing up. 

The two would attend games together and Terry would become fans of players like Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, with Harrison becoming McLaurin's favorite player. 

"That's the kind of receiver I wanted to be, someone who's dependable and did their job." McLaurin said of Harrison. "He played the right way. He was available. He was tough." 

While going back to Indiana makes Terry think of home, he's still fully focused on getting another win to keep the Commanders' streak going.

"I wanna keep our win streak going," McLaurin said. "They [the Colts] are really disciplined on defense, and I know they have a new quarterback, but he's probably going to give them a lot of energy. So, we have to go in there and limit the negative plays and get off to a fast start on the road."

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