Terry McLaurin Praises Rookie as "Competitor"

August 18, 2023

Athlete Studio

While Terry McLaurin dominates the Washington Commanders offense, there's a rising star on the defense who hopes to make his mark. Meet Emmanuel Forbes, the first-round rookie cornerback with aspirations of becoming the defensive equivalent of McLaurin.

McLaurin, widely regarded as one of the NFL's top receivers, has taken notice of Forbes' progress during his first training camp. He commends Forbes for his consistent improvement, stating, "He's gotten better each and every day. I've always tried to encourage him because he's a guy who really likes to learn. He's a sponge and I don't like to lose reps, so I'm gonna give it to him every time I get the opportunity, but he's a competitor as well."

Forbes' standout quality lies in his playmaking ability. Throughout his three years at Mississippi State, he set an NCAA record with six pick-sixes. Despite concerns about his smaller stature at 6-0 and 166 pounds, Forbes possesses NFL-like instincts that the Commanders hope will translate to success at the professional level.

McLaurin recognizes Forbes' growth as he learns from veteran Kendall Fuller, becoming more patient and gaining a better understanding of route concepts. The Commanders see immense value in Forbes' development, with McLaurin mentioning, "And I think one thing that's a strength of his is his ball skills. So, you could definitely see he's getting his hand more on balls from interceptions and pass breakups, which on defense, I know they're emphasizing that."

While Forbes showcased his talent with a tackle in the Commanders' recent 17-15 victory against the Cleveland Browns, his real test comes during practice where he faces McLaurin daily. This intense competition allows Forbes to refine his skills and gain invaluable experience against one of the league's premier receivers.

As the Commanders eagerly look ahead to the upcoming season, all eyes are on Emmanuel Forbes. With Terry McLaurin's support and recognition, Forbes has the potential to emerge as a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the ball.

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