Terry McLaurin Praises New OC Eric Bieniemy

July 12, 2023

Athlete Studio

Eric Bieniemy wasted no time leaving a lasting impression on the Washington Commanders offense. As the offensive play caller in his debut season, Bieniemy's impact has been evident, even with the players still adjusting to the new system. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin, in particular, has swiftly acknowledged and appreciated Bieniemy's profound offensive prowess.

"His attention to detail is something I've experienced before, but it's taken to another level with EB," McLaurin stated in an interview. "His clear explanations of the offense during meetings are crucial for us as offensive players. We understand the expectations on the field. He demands precision."

Over the last five years, Eric Bieniemy has made significant contributions as the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. It was during this period that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes emerged as one of the most exceptional talents in the league, capturing two MVP awards. Both Bieniemy and Mahomes played pivotal roles in the Chiefs' two Super Bowl championships.

Beyond his meticulous attention to detail, Bieniemy's commendable accountability and transparency have earned high praise from Terry McLaurin. The standards set by Bieniemy have undeniably elevated McLaurin's own performance. As a seasoned wide receiver entering his fifth year, McLaurin impressively achieved three consecutive seasons with over 1,000 receiving yards, culminating in his well-deserved Pro Bowl selection in 2022.

"Him and I have built a really good relationship. I know he's leaning on me to be a leader, set the tone not only with my play on the field but my voice [as well]. He's helped me even take my game up a little level in the fact that just expecting that excellent each and every play...Ain't nothing just good enough with EB...When you have a coach that's preaching that every single day, every single rep, you're either going to get with it or get lost." McLaurin said.

With Terry McLaurin thriving during the offseason and expressing confidence in his new quarterback, Sam Howell, Washington is poised for positive developments. The upcoming season brings forth refreshing changes, including the arrival of Sam Howell as the starting quarterback and the appointment of Eric Bieniemy as the new offensive coordinator. These alterations create an optimistic outlook, indicating that Washington has the potential to exceed expectations and outshine their performances from the past few seasons.

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