Terry McLaurin: "I Love Competing"

August 16, 2023

Athlete Studio

Washington Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin recently spoke to the media following a practice session on August 15th. McLaurin's insights provided valuable information about the team's joint practice and his experience with quarterback Sam Howell.

Fun and Competition

When asked about the joint practice, McLaurin expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Yeah, it's fun. I love competing, man. And it's fun going against a different team too." McLaurin highlighted the importance of facing other teams during training camp, as it provides a fresh perspective and helps players gauge their progress. He added, "You go against each other for so long, you kind of get familiar with your teammates. They get familiar with what you do. When you come out here against another team, it's good to have a measuring stick of how you've made it up until this point in camp."

An Exciting First Experience

This joint practice was McLaurin's first, and he admitted to not knowing what to expect. However, his competitive spirit allowed him to embrace the opportunity, saying, "You come in ready to compete, and I'm always ready to compete. So it was definitely fun for my first one." McLaurin's positive attitude and adaptability proved to be valuable assets during the session.

Impressive Performance by Sam Howell

McLaurin had high praise for quarterback Sam Howell, commending his poise and ability to read the field. McLaurin stated, "I think he sees the field really well and he's going to give us a chance to make opportunities on the perimeter, which has been great." He further lauded Howell's timing, emphasizing how the quarterback consistently delivered the ball as soon as the receivers were getting out of their breaks. This allowed the receivers to make plays after the catch, showcasing Howell's accuracy and understanding of the offense.

In addition to his precise passing, Howell demonstrated his resilience when under pressure. McLaurin mentioned how Howell maintained his focus even when forced to improvise and roll out of the pocket, enabling the receivers to continue making plays downfield. McLaurin noted that Howell's poise and consistent performance have been evident since training camp and continued from his last game appearance last year.


Terry McLaurin's remarks shed light on the team's joint practice and his positive experience with quarterback Sam Howell. McLaurin's enthusiasm for competition and his recognition of Howell's abilities contribute to the excitement surrounding the upcoming season. As the Washington Commanders prepare for the challenges ahead, McLaurin's insights serve as a testament to the team's dedication and potential.

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