Terry McLaurin Gives Back for the Holidays

December 21, 2023

Athlete Studio

Terry McLaurin, the talented wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, is known for his skills on the football field. But when he's not wearing his football uniform, McLaurin reveals a different side of himself that has nothing to do with football.

Just hours after scoring a touchdown against the Rams, McLaurin traded his helmet for a visit to the Children's Science Center. The center, in partnership with Northwest Federal Credit Union and the Washington Commanders, hosted over 60 students from James McHenry Elementary School for a day of experiential learning and fun.

For McLaurin, the highlight of the day was not being a football player, but being able to connect with the next generation. He felt like a kid again, embracing his playful side and feeling like himself. McLaurin's goal is to be a positive influence in their lives, as he believes they hold the key to the future.

The students from James McHenry Elementary School, many of whom had never been on a field trip before, were thrilled to be a part of this special day. They received Commander's swag, toys, and had the opportunity to interact with an important role model like McLaurin.

At the Children's Science Center, the students engaged in hands-on learning experiences in various STEM areas. The center's aim is to make STEM learning fun and accessible for all, so that children remember the enjoyable aspects of science. They want to foster a love for science in the community and are even working on building a new science center in northern Virginia.

During the day, McLaurin actively participated in science projects with the students. He was amazed by their outlook on life and their collaborative spirit. McLaurin himself has always cherished field trips, as they provide an opportunity to learn while having fun. Being able to contribute to this experience was incredibly special for him.

While McLaurin's day-to-day work schedule revolves around football and the students' classroom activities differ, this experience allowed both parties to simply be kids. It rekindled their joy for learning and connecting with others, leaving everyone involved filled with happiness.

Terry McLaurin's visit to the Children's Science Center exemplifies his commitment to education and giving back to the community. Through the Terry McLaurin Foundation, he strives to make a positive impact on the lives of young people. McLaurin's passion for learning and his genuine connection with children make him an extraordinary role model both on and off the football field.

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