Terry McLaurin Destroyed Zone Coverage Last Season

June 26, 2023

Athlete Studio

In a recent report by Pro Football Focus, the top performers against zone coverage in the 2022 season were unveiled, and among them, Terry McLaurin, the wide receiver for the Washington Commanders, stood out with an impressive grade of 84.8, securing the sixth-highest ranking.

"Out of these exceptional 10 receivers, McLaurin led them all with 16.1 yards per reception," PFF writes. "He has consistently won down the field in his time in Washington despite not having the best quarterback play. Another thing that just pops when watching McLaurin is his ability to play much bigger than his 6-foot stature. He brought in 68.4 percent of his contested catch opportunities in zone coverage, an impressive 13-of-19."

McLaurin's outstanding performance in zone coverage becomes even more remarkable when taking into account that he was the only player from the NFC East among the listed receivers, surpassing the likes of A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith in Philadelphia's elite duo and the new pairing of CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks in Dallas.

Throughout his initial four seasons with the Washington team, McLaurin showcased his adaptability by successfully adjusting to a series of new quarterbacks, resulting in an impressive tally of 299 receptions, 4,281 receiving yards, and 21 touchdowns.

McLaurin has demonstrated his capacity to excel as a premier performer in the league, leaving no doubt that he is on the brink of something great, and has the potential to reach record-breaking numbers that will captivate the league.

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