Terry McLaurin Building Trust with New QB

August 17, 2023

Athlete Studio

Washington Commanders receiver Terry McLaurin has experienced a constant rotation of quarterbacks in recent seasons. From Carson Wentz to Taylor Heinicke, and now Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett, McLaurin has had to adapt to different playing styles.

Currently in the midst of two joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens, McLaurin is pleased with the chemistry and trust he has developed with Howell. This connection has been steadily growing and McLaurin believes it will continue to flourish.

“I definitely think it has," McLaurin shared. "Even though we're still in the middle of camp and have some preseason left, I feel like we're building that trust. When I have a one-on-one opportunity, I want Howell to trust that I will make the play. Going up against an exceptional cornerback like Marlon Humphrey, winning those reps will boost his confidence in me."

The Commanders are facing a different defense for only the second time this preseason, providing a refreshing change of pace for the players.

During the first joint practice, McLaurin was particularly impressed with Howell's timing.

“His timing was really good with us today," McLaurin remarked. "As soon as we were getting out of our breaks, the ball was right there, allowing us to run with it. Even when Howell had to improvise and roll out, he kept his eyes downfield, giving us opportunities to make plays. He's been consistent since joining us last season. His composure and poise are remarkable."

As Terry McLaurin continues to establish a strong rapport with Sam Howell, their collaboration on the field is poised to drive the Washington Commanders to success. McLaurin's trust in Howell's abilities, showcased against formidable opponents like Marlon Humphrey, will undoubtedly contribute to their collective achievements.

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