Next Gen Stats Shows Terry McLaurin's Domination of Star Corner

November 28, 2022

Athlete Studio

Do you want to see dominance? 

Just look back at the day Washington Commanders’ star wide receiver Terry McLaurin had against Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Darius Slay. Before we get inside the numbers, consider first that McLaurin was on fire all day as he would pull in eight receptions for a game-high 128 yards, but more importantly, he was targeted a grand total of 11 times. 

Back to Slay, the Eagles cornerback who had the misfortune of having to guard the 6’0, 210-pound McLaurin all day. Slay isn’t your average or good cornerback. No, Slay is what one would refer to as an elite cornerback, a guy that has made it to four Pro Bowls not to mention one All-Pro First Team selection as well as being the NFL interceptions leader in 2017.

Terry McLaurin, who surprisingly still hasn’t made a Pro Bowl over his first three seasons (c’mon NFL…), torched Slay for 90 yards on the day, hauling in five of seven targets against the Pro Bowler. Not only that, those 90 yards represent 70% of McLaurin’s yardage on the day, all against one of the most outstanding cornerbacks in the league. The last time Slay had given up at least 50 yards to a receiver was in December of last year against…Terry McLaurin. 

It’s no surprise, however, as Slay said in McLaurin’s rookie season of 2019 that the wide receiver was one of the hardest he had to defend.

Moving forward, McLaurin does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. With the rest of the league’s cornerbacks on watch now, McLaurin will definitely be tested against the best as he continues to solidify himself as Washington’s number-one receiver.

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