Commanders Coach Praises McLaurin's Leadership

August 09, 2023

Athlete Studio

During a recent Washington Commanders practice session, there appeared to be a heated exchange between Benjamin St-Juste, a third-year cornerback, and tight end Cole Turner. This caught the attention of wide receiver Terry McLaurin, who didn't hesitate to voice his dissatisfaction.

Head coach Ron Rivera, impressed by McLaurin's leadership, praised his actions during the press conference after practice. Even defensive end Chase Young acknowledged the significance of McLaurin's words, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation. McLaurin's point was clear - taking care of teammates is paramount, and unnecessary altercations should be avoided.

With the defense showcasing their dominance in practice, tensions between the offense and defense were bound to arise. Such clashes are common during training camp, and St-Juste understood why McLaurin confronted him.

St-Juste acknowledged that he never takes these interactions personally, as they are part of the competitive nature of the game. McLaurin's intervention reminded him to be mindful of his actions and the impact they can have on the team. St-Juste expressed his respect for McLaurin's role as a captain and veteran leader.

The Commanders' defense has been particularly impressive during training camp, with Jack Del Rio's unit ranked seventh in points allowed last season. With the return of a healthy Chase Young, the defense has only improved.

While the defense's confidence is understandable, it is important to draw a line that should not be crossed. McLaurin's presence served as a reminder to the entire roster that unity and respect are crucial for success.

As the Commanders continue their training camp, the rivalry and competition between offense and defense will undoubtedly intensify. Iron sharpens iron, and this team is determined to use their internal battles to prepare for the upcoming season.

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